Our services

Many services at your disposal

Internal sanitation

We keep up with the times!
- 24/24 sanitation
- Sanitation point
- Protection of auto parts (steering wheel, gearbox, hand brake)

Mechanical Service

Are you traveling and your car needs maintenance?
Trust us! You will have a mechanic, a tire dealer, and an auto electrician within reach of ... parking!

Car wash

Internal and external washing by hand, your car will be treated with quality products and with the attention of our expert operators!

Car valet

Car valet service, leave quiet and shorten waiting times!
Our operators are at your disposal!

... in the parking lot

When you arrive in the parking lot

  • Follow the directions to leave the car in the check-in area.

  • Passengers with luggage can go directly to the shuttle area, while the driver or whoever takes his place goes to the reception for check-in.

  • At the reception: hand in the booking confirmation and show the travel document.

  • If you have not already made the online prepayment, you pay for the parking and additional services. You can pay by cash, debit card and credit cards belonging to the VISA, Mastercard circuit.

How to get to the airport

  • once the check-in procedures are completed, the shuttle driver will load your luggage and take you to the airport in a few minutes.

On the way back

  • after collecting your baggage, contact the number indicated on the receipt in your possession and follow the procedures indicated.

  • A San Marco Parking shuttle will pick you up at the airport at the agreed point.

Back in the parking lot

  • the keys will be returned to you and the location of your car ready for you will be indicated.

Thanks for choosing us!