Terms and conditions Parking

1. These parking conditions govern the storage of the vehicle at the facilities of the company that owns the parking (defined below) for the agreed period, in addition to the free transport of people and luggage to and from the airport or to other specified destinations.
2. Each parking space used for parking is subject to a fee based on the length of the parking period that is communicated at the time of booking.
3. Deposit: The delivery of the car by the customer to the parking lot of the writing company certified by the receipt (date and time)
4. Customer: It is the person who, by accepting these general conditions of contract, proceeds to deposit at the car park
5. Conclusion of the contract: The contract will be concluded when the customer has collected the car from the authorized staff of the car park, delivering the relevant receipt which will constitute a means of recognition and legitimacy, which exclusively enables, the owner to the withdrawal of the car.
6. Payment: Payment for the service must be paid in advance at the entrance to the parking lot according to the agreed rates. The car can be returned upon presentation of the issued receipt, which is the only means of recognition and legitimacy, in no case can the days of parking not used by the customer be refunded.
7. How to park the car: Vehicles arriving at the parking entrance are driven only by authorized parking personnel. Unless otherwise agreed, to be agreed directly with the management, the vehicles in the parking lot must be left open with the steering lock free, accompanied by vehicle registration documents and ignition keys (Ministerial Decree 31/07/1934 and VVFF provisions)
8. Movement of cars: In periods of greater turnout, cars may be kept and delivered in other neighboring parking lots with similar standards and characteristics.
9. Limitations and Responsibilities and Rights of PARK GARAGE S.R.L .: Park Garage S.R.L. It responds exclusively to the total theft of the car and limited to its commercial value, it also responds, reserving the right to contest any abuses, for the partial or total theft of accessories that are essential elements of the car. The structure has safety boxes for the storage of valuable goods while seats last. All items that have no functional and continuous connection with the asset are expressly excluded from the refund (for example: clothing, jewelry, glasses, cash or other valuables, mobile phones and accessories, PDAs, video cameras, cameras and accessories, navigators, audio – video players and accessories, fountain pens, ballpoint pens and the like, compact disks, computers, key rings and other valuable goods) for which the customer must first remove them from the car, placing them in the special safety deposit boxes in the car park (if available) or to keep them at their own expense, in this case with total exemption from liability for the writing company.
10. Damage to cars: The company that owns the car park cannot be considered responsible for damage to the cars if the integrity of the same has not been verified at the time of deposit or for any damage that has been reported to authorized personnel at the time of collection. . The writing company cannot be considered responsible for damage and / or breakdowns to vehicles of a mechanical and / or electronic nature, which do not depend on the movement of the cars, but on poor maintenance of the same and / or fortuitously.
11. General Provisions: Posthumous complaints are not accepted when exiting the car park. For safety reasons it is strictly forbidden for customers to access the outdoor parking areas. For all matters not provided for, please refer expressly to the rules of the civil code on the subject of deposit (art. From 1766 to 1782) and, where in force, to the special regulations on the subject. In the event that one or more clauses of these General Parking Conditions are for any reason null, void, invalid, illegal or inapplicable for any reason, they will be considered unwritten and this will not affect the validity and applicability of any other provision of these General Parking Conditions. The undersigned company reserves, unilaterally, the right to modify these General Parking Conditions at any time.
12. Competent Court: The Court of Venice will be exclusively competent to decide for any dispute concerning the validity, interpretation, execution and resolution of these General Conditions.

13. Treatment of personal data: The customer authorizes the company that owns the car park, pursuant to and for the purposes of Legislative Decree no. 196/03 and following. mod. to the processing of their personal data. Pursuant to and for the purposes of art. 1341 and 1342 of the Italian Civil Code The Customer declares to have read, understood and expressly approved the following clauses: (1) Object; (5) Conclusion of the contract; (6) Payment; (7) Method of parking the car; (8) Moving the cars; (9) Limitations of liability and rights of PARK GARAGE SRL; (10) Damage to cars; (11) General Provisions; (12) Jurisdiction; (13) Processing of Personal Data.
The delivery of the customer’s car to the car park implies full acceptance of the above conditions.